Greetings all ye candle lovers. 

What began as a hobby years ago, had to be shared.  We love candles so much and the ambience created when lit just calms the soul.  With much coaxing and nagging, from friends & family, we agreed to share these unique candles with the world.  Word got out and people began inquiring about purchasing the candles.  Thus, Pure Bliss Candles was born.  Each candle has its own personality, no two will ever be the same. We put a lot of love into each & every creation.

Our candles are all hand mixed and hand poured in our home.  The distinctive essential oils we use, along with the flame create indescribable magick.  We guarantee your candles will permeate your room and embody your senses.

Note:  Please, never leave your beautiful candles lit unattended. Also, they will last so much longer and burn so evenly if you keep your wicks trimmed and away from fans.

Many thanks go out to our customers.  We love to make you smile.  
Thank you for your business

Karen & Dawn